Hi! Always nice to see you. This is a place to find my blogs. There will be no new posts here.
By the way, let's be friends!

Some Blogs!

As you may have noticed, there are no and will probably never again be any posts here. If you’re looking for my blogs, check the following!

askhonolu-loo.tumblr.com : The storage space for the old askhonolu-loo posts. Check here for some background information and trivia you may not have known! There also might be some “speed asks” where I try and actually answer all those asks I got, sans drawings. ^u^

fliksie.tumblr.com : My personal blog, where you might find drawings and random thoughts.

fliksiereblogblog.tumblr.com : Reblog blog.

almond-furret.tumblr.com : Another old ask blog that won’t be updated again -u-; A now-active ask blog! Can’t say how long it’ll stay that way, but hopefully it’s a more permanent thing! ouo

plantankles.tumblr.com : Will it ever update? The suspense is killing me! A comic about aliens.

lifeasalight.tumblr.com : A blog about religious things.

More just might be added later. Thanks for everything~!